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For the last centuries, olive picking consists of a very important agricultural activity.
At our premises, harvesting takes place in the months of October and November through extremely careful machinery. The placement of the produce is allocated in special plastic crates which allow air ventilation in order to hinder fungus.
The produce is directly delivered to the organic oil press so that the extraction is instantly performed, for achieving the most exceptional quality of olive oil. 

Upon arrival of the olives at the oil press, the defoliation process begins, and next, they are washed with clean potable water for the rinsing off of foreign substances. Then comes the smashing of the olives in a special device consisting of metal plates that results in a smooth blended mixture. Its temperature is constantly checked as, if it overheats, this will negatively affect the quality of the oil being processed. At the stage of mollification, the homogeneous mixture that has been produced is stirred or shaken at the special vertical mollifiers. For the production of the high quality Ergani olive oil, the mollification takes place at a steadily controlled low temperature (below 27 degrees celcius).  This is when "cold pressing" occurs. After this, the mixture is placed in a 3 phase centrifuge separator (decanter), where foreign substances are eliminated and the separation between olive oil and wastewater takes place. At the final phase, the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks that are oxygen free, where it stays   for months,  carefully preserved with the supply of nitrogen thus slowing down the process of oxidization.

The standardization of olive oil is the main method of ensuring that our customers will be provided with an authentic product of high quality. The extra virgin olive oil, an absolutely natural product is collected from the oil press without being further processed or mixed with other substances. The packaging used is selected with strict quality assurance criteria.
The method of conservation is truly very important. The olive oil needs to preserve its aroma, color, taste and valuable substances. Sunlight, heat and humidity are its enemies. From the moment of harvest to the standardization phase, the conditions in which the oil is exposed are very strict.  The fresh oil rests for two months in sealed Inox tanks and clarification is thus performed in a natural way. The oil is packaged in bottles of 250ml, 750ml, 1lt and also containers of 5ltrs.